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Cladimed Code
F51CA01, F51CA07
Clinical Area
Cardiovascular, Dialysis Centre, Intensive Care, Oncology, Palliative Care, Radiology, Wound Care
Clinical Sub-Area
Color Family
Dressing and Device Securement, I.V. Related, Pressure Ulcer, Skin Care, Wound Care
Dressing and Device Securement Condition Type
Adhesive Trauma, Skin Injuries-Mechanical, Tube & Device Securement-Lightweight Tubes & Devices
Dressing Type
Film Dressing
Health Care, Homeland Security
National Stock Number
6510011354267, 6510011354268, 6510011562386, 6510011718906, 6510012348943, 6510012348943, 6510013811520, 6510012474972, 6510012489519, 6510013030470, 6510014673126, 6510015050625
Overall Length (Imperial)
1.75 in, 10 in, 12 in, 2.75 in, 4.5 in, 4.75 in, 8 in
Overall Length (Metric)
12 cm, 12.06 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 4.4 cm, 6 cm, 6.98 cm, 7 cm
Overall Width (Imperial)
1.75 in, 2.375 in, 4 in, 6 in, 8 in
Overall Width (Metric)
10 cm, 10.16 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 4.4 cm, 6 cm, 6.03 cm, 7 cm
Package Quantity
100, 50
Pressure Ulcer Condition Type
Prevention, Stage 2, Suspected Deep Tissue Injury
Product Color
Product Type
Standard Dressing
2-3/8 inch x 2-3/4 inch (6cm x 7cm), 4 inch x 4-3/4 inch (10cm x 12cm), 8 inch x 12 inch (20cm x 30cm)
Therapeutic Area and Conditions
Autolytic Debridement, I.V. Therapy, Partial Thickness Wounds, Pressure Ulcers, Secondary Dressing, Surgical Incisions
Wound Care Condition Type
Abrasions, Closed Intact Surgical Wound, Donor Sites, Friction, Laceration, Superficial Partial Thickness Burns
  • Provides a waterproof, sterile barrier to external contaminants including liquids, bacteria and viruses.
  • Transparent dressing allows for continuous visibility to the I.V. insertion site.
  • Adhesive is gentle on skin.
  • Dressing flexes with skin for greater patient comfort.
  • Picture-frame delivery makes accurate placement easy.

Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressings to protect catheter sites and wounds

Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressings can be used to protect I.V. catheter sites and wounds, to secure devices to the skin and to maintain a moist environment for wound healing. They are breathable, waterproof and act as a barrier to protect against external contaminants including bacteria, viruses*, blood and bodily fluids.


Suggested Applications

  • To cover and protect I.V. catheter sites
  • Acute and chronic wounds
  • Skin protection
  • Feeding tubes
  • Superficial partial thickness burns
  • Stage I or II pressure ulcers
  • Autolytic debridement facilitated by the moist wound healing environment
  • Protective eyelid coverings
  • Post tattoo application and removal

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