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KerraLite Cool™Soothing, hydrogel sheet dressing for dry or low exuding wounds Maintaining the correct balance of moisture is vital for e...


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KerraLite Cool™
Soothing, hydrogel sheet dressing for dry or low exuding wounds

Maintaining the correct balance of moisture is vital for effective wound healing.  KerraLite Cool™ is a soothing, debriding dressing that provides the ideal environment for treating dry to low exuding wounds. It contains a strong, transparent hydrogel that is permeable to moisture, giving it the capacity to absorb or donate water, according to the needs of the wound.

Cool and soothing to the touch, KerraLite Cool™ won’t dry out or stick to the underlying tissue on removal, reducing the risk of maceration.

Available in both adhesive and non-adhesive.

Clinical results demonstrate:

  • Fast effective debridement of devitalised tissue1
  • Reduced risk of maceration2
  • Excellent fluid management properties3
  • A significant reduction in pain3

Specific indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and safety information exist for KCI products and therapies. Healthcare providers should review the product User Manual, Safety Information and/or Instructions for Use prior to application.

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