Fibracol Plus Collagen Rope Wound Dressing with Alginate


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Benefits • Structural support of collagen with the exudate management of alginate• Easy to use• Maintains integrity when wet• Non-adherent upon...


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• Structural support of collagen with the exudate management of alginate
• Easy to use
• Maintains integrity when wet
• Non-adherent upon removal, leaving the wound free of fibers
• Absorbent alginate composition helps maintain a moist wound environment conducive to granulation tissue formation and epithelialization


FIBRACOL™ Plus is indicated for the management of exuding wounds including: full- and partial-thickness wounds; pressure ulcers; venous ulcers; ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies; diabetic ulcers; second-degree burns; donor sites and other bleeding surface wounds; traumatic wounds healing by secondary intention; dehisced surgical incisions.

FIBRACOL™ Plus Dressing may be used under compression therapy with health care professional supervision.


FIBRACOL™ Plus is not indicated for wounds with active vasculitis, third-degree burns or patients with known sensitivity to collagen or alginates.

Warnings and Precautions

FIBRACOL™ Plus Dressing may be used when visible signs of infection are present in the wound area only when proper medical treatment addresses the underlying cause.

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